Orange Flower Yarn is a small-scale, independent dyer located in eastern Pennsylvania. The shop is online only. It's a one-woman operation with an emphasis on craftsmanship and fine materials.

* All skeins are dyed in very small batches using professional grade acid dyes and citric acid. All colors are custom mixed, i.e., no dye is used straight out of the jar. OF yarns are dyed using a variety of techniques. Some examples are hand-painting, low water immersion, and kettle dyeing. After the dyeing process, skeins are soaked in a gentle wool wash, rinsed, air dried, and re-skeined. 

* When using multiple skeins in a project, it is usually a good idea to alternate skeins every couple of rows. Skeins dyed in the same colorway will vary slightly from one another, even though they are dyed using the same color formula and application method. The look of hand dyed yarn can vary from semi-solid to quite variegated. Speckles and/or little spots of color may be present in some colorways and are part of the character of hand dyed yarn. Fiber content also produces subtle to striking differences in the way a colorway looks. It's best to purchase enough yarn for a project at one time to ensure that the skeins blend together well.

* Great care is taken to ensure color accuracy of the photographs provided with each listing, though variations from screen to screen are unavoidable and it is possible that there will be differences in the way the yarn appears in person when compared with the image on your computer screen.

* Unfortunately, joins are part of the milling process. The number of joins in a skein can vary from none to one or two.  

* It is not unusual for a small amount of color bleeding to occur during the first couple of washings of especially intense, vibrant colorways. Every skein has been washed until the water runs clear, however, I've noticed that some scented wool washes may cause color bleeding. A couple of tablespoons of white vinegar in both the wash and rinse water can help prevent dye bleeding and color transfer.

* If you are planning to use more than one color in a project, it's best to knit a swatch and block it to see how the colors react. In some cases, it may be necessary to wash the skeins before knitting.

* To keep your handmade items in the best possible condition, I always recommend hand washing over machine washing.

* Thank you so much for your interest in Orange Flower Yarn! If you have questions or comments, don't hesitate to send a note via the contact form or email directly at contact(at)orangefloweryarn.com.